The beginner’s guide to getting six-pack abs

The beginner’s guide to getting six-pack abs

11 December 2018

They do look great, don’t they? A summer-ready six-pack doesn’t only stand out when the shirts come off, it also entails one of the most satisfying exercise journeys we can take on. Whatever body shape you’re starting from, the most important thing to know – and remember through the tough times – is that it’s always achievable, and here’s why.


Understanding body fat

First of all, your six-pack is already there, somewhere. While much of the work we perform, especially in a sedentary job, might not require much energy, we all engage our core by walking, working and even getting out of bed. Another commodity we all carry, unfortunately, is body fat.

This fat is broken down into several different types, and some are harder to shift than others. Brown fat, for instance, is good fat which everyone uses for energy. White fat, meanwhile, is used to store calories – but too much of it can slow the metabolism down and build up in certain areas, like the tummy. This means something very important when you are looking to develop your six-pack...


Endless sit-ups won’t work

Simply engaging one specific muscle group won’t remove this pesky, hard-to-shift body fat. You’ll certainly develop your six-pack by performing daily repetitions of sit-ups, but you just won’t be able to see the outcome of your efforts.

Similarly, exercise machines or electronic impulse devices that stimulate the core won’t do much to help you reach your goals – no matter how much pain you put yourself through in the meantime! With your six-pack unlikely to show until your body fat reduces to less than 15%, your effort should instead be focused on effective, fat-burning exercises, and reduced calorific intake.


Weights and weight watching

Something that’s often overlooked when trying to lose fat is muscle-building. Muscle tissue in the body burns as much as twice the amount of fat, even when resting, that fat cells do. Quite simply, more muscle means more fat loss, so don’t be afraid to lift larger weights or swap the treadmill for the chest press while you’re looking for your abs to ‘pop’.

What you eat during this time will play an enormous part in the success of your mission to achieve six-pack abs. Eating more protein than usual will not only help your muscle growth, it will make you feel fuller for longer while you ultimately put yourself into a calorie deficit.


Don’t get disheartened

Developing a six-pack won’t happen overnight or even over several weeks of dedication. It could take some time, and you might have to mix up your diet and exercise regime as your body adapts to what you’re doing to it.

There are so many ways to stay mentally motivated, though – such as trying new foods and exercises and even writing a personal or public blog detailing your journey. Our expert boot camps make great retreats if you are looking to enhance their fitness, as these camps will put you in direct contact with people on the same journey and professionals who know their stuff.

Importantly, they will keep you motivated, providing advice on how you can keep progressing. Our retreats are more than just your average fat camp, too – they are tailor-made programmes that encourage, educate and enhance your journey from tummy to six-pack.