The Best Apps to Help Achieve your Goals

The Best Apps to Help Achieve your Goals

3 June 2016

Making healthy eating and exercise part of your daily life can be tough on everybody.

It takes dedication to see it through. One of the biggest reasons why people give up is that they fail to track progress properly, or they simply forget about it and begin to slip up.

Results aren’t visible straight away, so it’s good to be reminded of how you’re doing, as well as when, and what, to eat. For a helpful companion that can do just that, give these handy apps a try with your regular work out routines and boot camps.



MyFitnessPal is a free app that provides you with a massive database of info covering over 5 million foods to compare - helping you find the best foods for your diet. Scanned barcodes bring up all the nutrition information on a product in an easy-to-read format to record what you’re eating.

You can keep track of how many calories you’ve had in a day to make sure you aren’t slipping up, or pushing yourself too hard. The app also has a built-in step tracker and tells you how many calories you’ve burnt off.

MyFitnessPal includes added incentive by sending personalised goals to you based on the information you’ve given it – encouraging you along the path to your ideal weight.



Another free database of indispensable knowledge, except this one is more geared towards what you’re buying. Shopwell not only lets you scan items to gain their nutritional information, but it also learns from what you’ve bought and scanned and creates the healthiest possible shopping list based on your tastes.

You’re rated on what you buy – the healthier the option, the better the score – turning shopping into a kind of game. The lists the app creates work in-line with the shops local to you, so it’ll never recommend something to you that your local supermarket doesn’t carry.


Food Planner

This app is great as it lets you create your own recipes and also import recipes from 500+ recipe sites, meaning you'll never run out of ideas for dinner or healthy food ideas. You can also track all of the ingredients you have in your kitchen, so that you never need to worry about buying the same thing twice. The recipes are healthy and delicious, we reccomend the sauteed spinach with balsamic vinegar and pine nuts. 


Diet Assistant 

Similar to the previous entries, Diet Assistant provides a great choice of meal plans that satisfy all eating habits and keeps you informed with weight entry reminders and lots of important nutrition facts.

After entering in some key information about your body, which includes your target weight, the app will work towards getting you to that weight by drawing up customer shopping lists for you to adhere to.

The app also takes the data received from the body mass index calculator and creates a weight graph for easy reference of how well you're doing. This helps pinpoint a time during the week, or month, where you might be slipping up more than you think.


When most health apps on the market are available for free, there's no excuse not to stick to a healthy eating plan. We live in a time where all the information and encouragement we need can be fit in the palm of our hand - so take advantage of this, and keep your healthy journey going!