The best ways to motivate yourself to reach your weight loss goals

The best ways to motivate yourself to reach your weight loss goals

4 December 2017

We all dream of becoming the best version of ourselves, whether that be professionally, mentally or through our personal image. Our body image can heavily affect our mental health as well as how we think others view us. Thus, it is important to remain positive and diligent when it comes to any weight loss goals. Below you find different means of remaining motivated during your diet and exercise regime.

  1. Dream Big but Buy Small


Known as buying “skinny clothes,” buying clothes in a smaller size can be a great motivator for anyone looking to lose some weight. Although it may leave you lacking in confidence for now, being able to fit in smaller sized clothes in the future is a fantastic reward for achieving your goals. For those who enjoy visualising the benefits of their weight loss, do not be scared to splash out on that perfect dress or suit. Be sure to look at yourself in the mirror whilst holding it in front of you. That way you can see your progress and be proud of what you have achieved. Although you may not be able to fit into your intended outfit for a while, you will soon be able to see the ultimate results by sliding on your brand-new outfit.


  1. Seek a Team-Mate or two


It is important to pick a plan that will suit your lifestyle. Basing it too strictly around your work life may leave you exhausted and stressed. Thus, be flexible with your workout routine and be sure to mix it when you are feeling tired or more awake. You can even involve your friends or family members on your workouts. Having an “exercise buddy” in the gym can encourage you to keep exercising for longer. Team mates can motivate, encourage and keep you diligent and positive during the harder times to stick to your diet and exercise. Having a friend can even make you appreciate some of the funnier moments of your exercise, such as finding new and odd ways of exercise. Adding a little silliness to your regime will only make the experience more fun and exciting.


  1. Join the correct fitness group


Whether you would prefer to join a gym or go to a fitness boot camp, it is necessary to find a set of trainers and schedule that will fit your daily life as well as your health requirements. Finding the correct gym instructor will provide you the support and advice needed to lose some weight without hurting yourself or pushing yourself too far. Be sure to keep a health diary for them so that you can share with them your diet and exercise for the week.


  1. Move on from Mistakes


As humans, it is natural for us to make mistakes. We all slip up on our diets or accidently nibble on a sugary snack when having a difficult day.  Do not beat yourself up too badly for these slip-ups. Instead, use them to motivate yourself to do better and to not repeat the mistakes.