The best weight loss tips if you want to see fast results

The best weight loss tips if you want to see fast results

1 February 2018

If you have recently typed "how to lose weight" into Google, you would have been in very good company; it is Google's third most searched "how to" term, says The Telegraph. It shouldn't be a huge surprise, then, that the Internet has also become a source of many "lose weight fast" plans. However, you might want to think carefully before following many of them, as they might not result in weight loss that is truly sustainable. So, how can you shift the weight in a quick but reliable way?

Beware risks of crash dieting

There are two especially common perils with "crash diets". One is that the weight can pile back on too quickly; another is that, as a result, your mental health could take a knock. A Yale University review observes that yo-yo dieting "appears linked to increased psychopathology, lower life satisfaction, more disturbed eating in general and perhaps increased risk for binge eating".

However, there are still ways of gently stimulating a faster pace of weight loss. You just have to be careful about which particular dietary and fitness habits to take up. One key point here is that, as a general rule, you should avoid extremes; otherwise, there could be counter-productive results.

Reduce your calorie intake, but not too much

Quite simply, to lose weight, you should introduce a calorie deficit - in other words, consume fewer calories than your body needs for sustaining its current weight. Adopt this habit, and you can expect the pounds to start dropping off; however, exactly how large should the calorie deficit be?

The British Dietetics Association advises that you keep the daily deficit at 500 calories. A deficit much larger than this could result in a painful experience that leads you to abandon the diet.

Get those muscles moving

One reliable way of expending more calories is increasing your level of exercise. This could easily trigger weight loss provided that you engage in intense exercise three or four times weekly. The more intensely you exercise, the likelier you are to more quickly burn calories.

An especially good idea is to follow cardiovascular exercises that work several muscles at once. Spending half an hour spinning or kickboxing, for example, will blast 200 to 300 calories and leave the arms, legs and core looking more sleek, tight and toned.  

Waterway to encourage further weight loss

You probably tend to reach for a light beer, fruit smoothie or energy drink when you want to quench your thirst. However, those drinks contain calories that fail to satisfy like food of the same calorie quantity, Cosmopolitan cautions. Therefore, they can lead you to inadvertently go overboard on calories. Water, however, is calorie-free - and can even help boost your metabolism.

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