The Best Workouts For Losing Weight

The Best Workouts For Losing Weight

21 March 2019

Weight loss is a different experience for everyone. It can be a rollercoaster for most people who just want to lose the weight and have done with it. We all know that exercise and eating right are the key components for weight loss. But did you know about the best workouts for losing weight?

Obviously, everyone – and each body – is different. However, here at Prestige, we've compiled a list of the best workouts you can do to shed the pounds.


Cardio is brilliant for weight loss, and doing a high-intensity cardio workout a few times a week can really boost your weight loss potential. If you've signed up to the gym, this workout could be anything from slamming it out on the cross trainer to training your core with the rowing machine.

However, why bother with an expensive gym membership when you've got the great outdoors? Sometimes, the best weight loss workouts are also the simplest – so, treat yourself to a sturdy pair of new trainers in the sales and get out into the big world! Running outside is free, after all.

Take it slowly with running and gradually build up your stamina over time. This way, you'll gain strength at a steadied pace, and the highly intense cardio will burn fat at a high rate.


Squatting is one of the best workouts for weight loss because, when done right, it engages your core and uses your entire lower body. Repeating three sets of fifteen squats will burn calories and, therefore, burn fat. There are also many variations on the basic squat exercises, so you can shake it up and really vary your workout.

Skipping Ropes

Not just a game you used to play in the school yard, skipping with a skipping rope is a brilliant way to lose weight, as it is an intense form of cardio. It engages all the muscles in the arms and legs, while the concentration needed also helps to sharpen your agility.

A high-intensity workout with skipping ropes can burn 10 calories a minute, meaning that you only have to do 10 minutes a day to burn almost 1,000 calories a week!


Maybe it's time to invest in a bike. Cycling is yet another form of cardio, one that will burn the fat from your thighs, as long as you cycle at a maintained high intensity for several minutes per day. If you start using your bike to get around, you'll also save money on fuel for your car or bus fares.


As we pointed out before, some of the best weight loss exercises are the simplest as well. It doesn't get any simpler than walking, right? Aim for 10,000 steps a day and then build this up over time. 10,000 steps is the equivalent of a five-mile walk, and this can burn 500 calories.

Meeting this goal each day could result in a one-pound weight loss each week, just from walking alone. Imagine if you incorporated some of the other exercises we've recommended, too! Joining a weight loss boot camp could lead you to drop yet further pounds.