There are many more rewards to attending a Prestige Boot Camp

5 January 2012

There are many more rewards to attending a Prestige Boot Camp than just weight loss and inch loss. Here at Prestige we strive to educate, motivate and instil a strong belief in the individual that they can do or be whatever they want to and the only thing stopping them is themselves. Here are a few Prestige Boot Campers that have attended in the past and continued on a lifestyle change...

Bronagh McQuillan 2009 -  Lost 14lbs, Increased confidence, started a mothers Gaelic football team, 2010 completed 7 Triathlons 1 at Olympic distance. Quote " If you put the hard work in at Boot Camp it will pay off, long tem."

Janette Hilton - Lost 7.5lb went on to lose a further 9lb and become a size 10. Quote " - I feel great and have never had so many compliments about my well being in my life. A big BIG THANKYOU. Her husband has also lost 18lbs due to change in lifestyle since returning. Quote " There's something spooky being a fit healthy person - it keeps getting better - am now 23 lbs. lighter than when I arrived in Devon on that memorable day 20/5/11. Thank you again x

Anne Gaskell - "The weight loss I had at camp has paled into insignificance compared to what the camp did for my mind-set. I am now 32lbs lighter and very very fit by comparison! I do some form of exercise every day, if I can't get to do a big session I run the hill around the back of our house - it's 2.5k and I am now able to run it twice without a break".  "Thank you so much, you gave me the confidence and the information to make me realise it is all possible - I can lose weight, I can run, I can wear size 14 jeans :-)  It's been 16 weeks now since the camp and my motivation is still high. I will let you know in a year if its permanent but it sure feels like it! I will be celebrated my 60th birthday at the end of November 11."

Bill Allen 2010 - Weighing around 15st and wanting to be most valuable player (MVP) for his cricket team. He achieved MVP the same year and is now around 12st and looks great.

Susan Lane 2010 - Came for her 50th and strongly told me she doesn't do running. She now runs 10k 3 x a week, has completed the Bath half marathon, looks amazing and is booked in for this year's Bath Half.

Vicky Tinsley 2009 - Has turned into an adventure junkie since camp - Has crossed the Arctic with huskies and ran the Bath Half marathon are just a couple that spring to mind.

Yasmin and Alana Harrison, a Mother and Daughter combo went on to run the Nike Marathon.

Claire Sheddick Spain 2011 - From being a non runner in Nov 2011 can now run 5k and is aiming for a 10k.  There are so so many people that have come and changed their life going forward and have forged some wonderful friendships and support networks. I could fill in many more pages of these and apologise to those that feel they are worthy of a mention. Some of achievements are very personal and private to the individual but I have had continuous contact with Boot Campers that were lacking in confidence and belief, some of which have now managed to come off medication due to new found happiness, determination and focus.