Training Dirty and Eating Clean

Training Dirty and Eating Clean

11 March 2016

"Eat clean, train dirty." It's our philosophy, but what does it actually mean?

Why are so many people taking this approach to fitness? And should you follow their example? The answers to all of these questions await you...

"Eating clean"

Eating clean isn't a term that you're likely to find in a dictionary, lacking as it does a specific definition; however, it typically refers to consuming food that is more natural than processed. We at Prestige Boot Camp encourage the attendees at our fitness boot camps to stick to this kind of food; not least because doing so will result in reduced sugar cravings, more energy, clearer complexion and revitalised mood.

The increasing fashion towards unprocessed food has been encouraged by the emergence in popularity of paleo dieting; yes, that's right, "caveman dieting". American scientist Dr Loren Cordain widely publicised the health advantages of paleo with, at around the start of the twenty-first century, his book The Paleo Diet - before the core strength and conditioning programme CrossFit further spread the word.

"Training dirty"

So, you can now judge the perceived differences between "clean" and "dirty" food - but what do those words mean in relation to training? Frankly, this is the more confusing and muddled part of the "eat clean, train dirty" equation, but it seems to basically just mean putting a hell of a lot of work into your training. You might consider dirty-trainers to be in good company; after all, that company is said to include the stunning Khloe Kardashian. However, we at Prestige Boot Camp would urge you to be careful, especially if you are currently lacking in fitness.

We would recommend you to first discern where your own fitness level genuinely currently is, before looking for exercise solutions that will help you to gradually build upon what you've achieved, rather than leave you feeling hopelessly overwhelmed. If, for example, you are a relative novice to keep-fit, then trying one of our short, one-day weight loss retreats in London's Hyde Park could be a good idea. If, on the other hand, you are actually quite fit and want to make an already good body even better, maybe a lengthier, week-long stint with us in Spain would be more appropriate.