Try These 3 Simple Daily Tips to Improve Fitness

Try These 3 Simple Daily Tips to Improve Fitness

26 February 2016

Improving our fitness: it's something that many of us would love to do, but remain convinced that we don't have enough time to do.

However, that would be a mistaken assumption in many instances, as getting fitter can necessitate taking up a just a few new routines, rather than making sweeping lifestyle changes. Here are three simple ways in which we can daily work on our fitness.

Spend a few minutes on a pre-exercise warm-up

It's good to always engage in a suitable warm-up before throwing yourself into any exercise regime, however minor and scaled-down that regime is. The warm-up that we especially recommend should take you a mere few minutes, and help in both preventing injury and boosting the effectiveness of your workouts.

It starts with marching on the spot for three minutes, before successive series of heel digs, knee lifts, shoulder rolls and knee bends. The full routine is described in detail on the NHS website, so make sure that you read about the various stages carefully before beginning the warm-up.

Give yourself a 10-minute cardio workout

With the warm-up done, you can move onto the main course – metaphorically-speaking, we mean. Now definitely isn’t the time to be eating – though, when that time does arrive, we have, for your consideration, a sample menu of nutritious food delivered at our weight loss retreats. Anyway, let’s move back onto the subject of this workout, which should definitely get your heart pumping.

The routine starts with 2 sets of 15 to 24 repetitions of rocket jumps, before the same number of sets and repetitions of, first, star jumps or squats, then tap backs, and then burpees. Before starting, you should, for your own safety, read much more in detail about this workout and its various stages.

Your boots were made for walking…

After suitable stretching to cool down following this workout, you should start thinking about how you can get more walking into your everyday life. The aim here is to make regular walking such a casual thing that you can do it even if you’re typically pressed for time.

If you’re a parent, for example, you can walk your children to and from nursery or school. Plus, you can walk on many occasions where you might usually take the bus, such as those of travelling to work or to meet friends. You could even consider enrolling in one of our London-based taster fitness boot camps.