Want to Lose Weight In 2019? A Few Tips From Celebrity Slimmers

Want to Lose Weight In 2019? A Few Tips From Celebrity Slimmers

18 April 2019

A New Year is the best time to set yourself new goals for health and happiness. Slimming is near the top of a lot of people's lists of New Year's resolutions – but, with such a busy marketplace of ideas all blaring at you, it can be hard to know which of many diets and lifestyle plans it is best to follow, especially when many seem to contradict one another. Sometimes, the best jumping-off point is to just throw up your hands and see what the people who look gorgeous for a living are saying.

Britney Spears and the "four Bs"

Britney Spears has been a household name in popular music for far longer than many artists manage by dint of her talent, focus and determination to stay active every day.

Her physical activity follows a special technique called the four Bs: basketball jump shots, backwards (and then forwards) low-speed interval walking on a treadmill, balancing on one leg while slamming a medicine ball, and bicycle and rotating on the floor, from her trainer Tony Martinez.

This technique can be done at a gym or with home gym equipment, but these are not entirely necessary, although you would be best served by finding somewhere you can ask a professional about their recommendations along these lines for you.

Britney's experience shows that, once a professional has helped you to figure out the perfect workout for you, you can stay in shape continuously by keeping up such a technique until it becomes routine. Still, remember to be certain that you have chosen the right workout for yourself.

Nicole Polizzi and salad

Nicole Polizzi started adding salad to every meal she eats. While this might seem unusual or like a hassle at first, she and many others have found the effect to be tremendously positive, as it fills up space where the body would otherwise desire less healthy food.

It also ensures that you get a wide range of the vitamins you need. Again, this is a choice which, over time, will become a highly productive habit.

Chrissy Teigan says what makes the real difference for celebrities

Chrissy Teigan, when asked how she had achieved a remarkable change in figure, stated one of the most obvious things about the celebrity lifestyle that the rest of us often forget: that, as a prerequisite for being able to do their jobs well, celebrities get help.

Professional dieticians, planners, nutritionists and personal trainers work out an individualised plan for each celebrity to ensure they live their healthiest and look their slimmest.

Honestly, going through this treadmill of scrutiny every day sounds exhausting and nerve-shredding. However, it is possible to find celebrity-worthy slimming help – in the form of down-to-earth help and support from providers such as Prestige Bootcamp.

This is one example of a company that will prepare not only diet packs and fat loss plans but also weekend retreats in Britain and abroad where you can work with professionals to get the body and the diet you need to release your inner star.