Warm up with our bootcamp workouts!

Warm up with our bootcamp workouts!

3 December 2015

Stay healthy and active in the winter months and your body will thank you later..

Winter is closing in: warm up with our bootcamp workouts!

At Prestige Bootcamps, a typical day could consist of a wide variety of activities, including Circuit Training, Stretching, Abseiling, and Boxing, to name but a few! Can’t make it to one of our Bootcamps? We understand that you may not have the facilities/equipment at home to take part in all of the activities on our list, especially in the run up to Christmas. Instead, here are some tips on/benefits of retaining a simple-ish workout routine during the winter months.

First things first

At one of our bootcamps, you awaken at 7am for 45 minutes of stretches before breakfast. Stretching is absolutely essential before any sort of exercise, as it helps prepare the muscles for work, prevent injuries and increases performance. Stretching helps the body to warm up, which is a must especially in winter! Take 5 to 10 minutes and do some gentle mobilising exercises. If you’re planning on working out in the great outdoors, give yourself time to acclimatise to the cold. If in doubt, wear layers that you can easily take off.

Keep it simple

If you prefer, make your workout consist of simpler exercises to begin, then maybe move onto more complex routines afterwards. Piling too much information and pressure on yourself at once will only lead to burnout or loss of motivation. For some simple workout ideas, t?ry the NHS website.

If you fancying venturing out of the house to get your exercise fix, why not start a new class, or join a gym? This is best if you prefer a trainer’s guidance along the way. Exercising with other people is likely to yield greater results due to more motivation/dedication.

Mood boosting

During winter, getting out of bed can be difficult. But regular exercise will make you feel a whole lot more energetic. Within just a matter of days you’ll be bounding out of bed! Exercising when it’s colder also increases the amount of endorphins released, as the body has to work harder to stay warm. It will soon become part of your routine.

Let’s face it; winter is a time of indulgence, especially at Christmas time. If you slip off the rails a little bit before then (or even after!), an exercise routine would make a perfect New Year’s resolution! Or if you want to balance out your Christmas binging, start incorporating exercise into your life now - it'll make things a lot easier for you after Christmas.

Then again, maybe one of our Bootcamps would make the perfect winter getaway? To find out more about Prestige Bootcamps, what we do, and how we could be the answer to your exercise needs; click h?ere.