What are the benefits of a juicing holiday?

What are the benefits of a juicing holiday?

20 March 2017

Taking any sort of break has its benefits, but what about if you take a break from solid foods?

If you’re looking to see a new and better you and want a solution that will be fast and effective, a juicing holiday may be the right option.


What does “detoxing” involve?

Our bodies usually invest 70% of their energy to digest the food that we put into so a detox or a juicing holiday is a time that allows your body to cleanse and heal from this process. Fasting can last anywhere from a few days to a longer period of time and allows your digestive system to rest and your liver to filter any toxins you may have accumulated prior to the detox. Fruit and vegetables can be easily juiced and are full of vital ingredients that benefit our health in countless ways.


Rest both your body and your mind

Whether you need to give your body a rest from physical exertion or your mind a rest from stress and anxiety, a juicing holiday will give you some time off while allowing you to focus. One of the biggest bad habits that we have is bad snacking and this can cause unwanted stress on our body, winding up our internal clockwork until troublesome health problems occur. By consuming nothing but juice, our organs have time to rest from potentially toxic elements such as gluten, refined sugar, dairy and alcohol. This should help your body to rid itself from impurities, lose excess fat, balance our pH levels and improve digestive disorders such as constipation and acid reflux.


Achieve optimum health

The benefits of a juice cleanse will be felt wherever you are but a dedicated juicing retreat that is intent on helping you achieve optimum health will be felt much more and for much longer too. A professional will be on hand to give you advice on the best ingredients to consume and will be there to give you motivation if you’re finding it difficult. A detox retreat provides you with a great support network of people who are all working toward the same goal.


Reduce your intake to lose weight

Usually one of the main things that attract people to a juicing retreat is the positive effect it can have on their weight. With juicing you should not only feel but see the effects almost immediately. Studies have found that, much like water, drinking at least eight ounces of fresh vegetable juice a day for a period of twelve weeks can help you lose up to four pounds of weight. Juicing holidays tend to be specifically designed for serious weight loss in a short period of time.


Remember that the key to a juice cleanse is commitment. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself at home, juicing holidays could provide you with the support network and advice that you need to get going. Once you see results for the first time, you’re bound to want to do it again.