What happens to your body when you do a juice cleanse

What happens to your body when you do a juice cleanse

26 October 2017

Considering a juice cleanse? A Juice cleanse as you know is a detox diet, made up entirely of fruit and vegetables. If you follow one, then you may notice a few changes in your body as follows:

Baby it’s cold outside

As the great song goes, you may find that it’s cold outside, or inside for that matter, as following a juice cleanse tends to make you more sensitive to changing temperatures, so layer up, so you can adjust your clothing as required; and keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Reduced energy levels

You may find that you’re not feeling as dynamic or energetic as usual, primarily due to your reduced calorie intake, and hand-in-hand with this can come feelings of weakness and lethargy.

Lightheaded moments

It’s also not uncommon to experience dizziness when following a juice cleanse due to the sugar content in the fruit itself, that can lead to faster insulin production and an actual drop in your blood sugar level.    

Cutting out caffeine

Many of us have come to enjoy a daily coffee on our way to work, to help galvanise us into action and if you’ve got used to regular caffeine boosts, you may find you experience caffeine withdrawal on a juice cleanse, in the form of headaches. So ideally, cut your intake down gradually before you begin your juice cleanse.

Lose your water retention

You’ll also notice that you lose some of your water weight when following a juice cleanse, as you body uses up its stores of glycogen, however, this particular effect is temporary, so you should expect to put this back on when you return to your normal diet.    

Your skin

You may also notice a change in the appearance of your skin, as hand in hand with losing your water retention your skin may also become drier, but adding certain foods to your cleansing diet will help, like avocado for example.  

What works for you?

As a juice diet tends to cut out certain food groups such as dairy and wheat, you’ll gain an insight into which foods agree with you and which are potentially causing you problems. As you gradually reintroduce each food group into your diet, you may notice a change and can make informed choices moving forward.

Your metabolism

It’s not uncommon for a juice cleanse to slow down your metabolism, but there are things you can do to boost it too, like including iron rich vegetables for example.  

Your appetite may change    

Also, you’re likely to find that immediately after your juice cleanse your appetite will change; and you’ll be more easily satisfied than before you commenced the cleanse, this can be helpful in following a healthier diet moving forward.     

Following an official juice cleanse programme is important, so you can ensure you are receiving a balanced diet and sufficient calories, plus you’ll have expert help on hand to advise and support you. Weight Loss Holidays are a great way to boost your health and fitness routine, so sign up today.

As with any new fitness routine, it’s always best to have a chat with your GP beforehand, so you can discuss any precautions you may need to take in the light of your specific medical history.