What's Included in our Boot Camp Retreats?

What's Included in our Boot Camp Retreats?

10 June 2016

Prestige Boot Camp operates and runs several boot camp and juicing retreats within Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal to help you get in shape and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Here's a more in-depth breakdown of everything Prestige Boot Camp can offer you at one of our amazing retreats.


Delicious and healthy meals and snacks available

Our meals are not only delicious but also highly beneficial for your body. The chefs on site cook luxury cuisine to suit any palette.

We also provide calorie options for people wanting to keep track of what they're calorie intake. We work to your personal requirements - if you're neglecting a particular food group, our experts will be on hand to tailor your meal to your needs.

We also serve a wide selection of healthy juices and herbal teas to help flush the toxins out of your body. At our Portugal retreat, we offer a full juice detox program, where you can benefit from the positive impact juice has on the body.


Loads of fun activities

We hold host to a variety of fun activities to enjoy during your stay - all with an emphasis on staying in shape. We'll be on hand to help beginners ease into the training too. Throughout each day we'll be putting you through some core fitness, strength circuits, as well as cardio circuits and pool sessions. Boxing is also available for those who fancy a friendly sparring session.

We offer cycling and mountain biking for the adventurous. You can also take in your surroundings by taking one of our hikes through the area. Experience the beauty of the Welsh countryside, or the sun-scorched splendour of Portugal.


Luxury 5-star accommodation

Retreat accommodation is top-notch, to help you unwind after a hard day sweating away the pounds. Our lodgings are 5-star across the board - be it overlooking the gorgeous Devon coastline, or relaxing on the balcony of a Spanish villa.

We offer en-suite single and twin bedrooms complete with Freeview TV and Wi-Fi throughout all of our beautiful venues. Devon, in particular, offers a heated swimming pool, as well as a dedicated massage therapist to help work your kinks out.

We go the extra mile to ensure the comfort of all of our guests.  


Plenty of workshops

While you exercise, we also try to educate so that you can implement a healthy way of living once you've left. We have several workshops to help motivate, and give you a better understanding of why our exercise regimes work so well.

We also educate about nutrition through these workshops to further benefit your body and keep you from giving into unhealthy cravings.

To help replicate the delicious food our chefs can whip up, we provide cookery lessons that create tasty low-fat, low-calorie dishes at home.


Helpful nutrition and exercise plans

We take all the hassle of planning out the day away so that you only have to lift a finger when you want to. Nutrition and exercise plans are available for once your stay has come to an end to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle once you're back home.

We'll continue to support you with you exercise and nutrition online even after your stay at our retreat has ended to check how things are going.


Our luxury retreats offer a stunning setting for you to work hard at working out, try tasty new food and drink, all while getting healthier.