Why Londoners Should go on a Boot Camp Holiday

Why Londoners Should go on a Boot Camp Holiday

1 September 2016

Sometimes, it's good to get away from the hustle and bustle of London living - especially when it comes to breathing new life into your workout routine.

After so long, gyms can become boring and repetitive, so why not consider a boot camp holiday that will really broaden your horizons and challenge your body in ways you never thought possible?

Get some fresh air into your lungs

With the sheer amount of buses, cars and lorries that pass through the roads of London each day, you will be surrounded by a wall of noise virtually all day. Exercise is a popular option for stress relief, so working out in this environment is not good for clearing your mind.

Prestige Bootcamps have weight-loss retreats in some of the most spectacular settings in England and Wales - there's even one in London's very own Hyde Park - so let the crisp, clean air reinvigorate your senses.

Realise that workouts can be fun

Muscle and Strength magazine say that training with someone else can keep you motivated and on track to achieving your weight loss goals. It also drags you away from doing the same routines.

Londoners lead busy lives - often working beyond the standard 9-5 - this means finding the time to mix up your routines can come at a premium.

If you go on a boot camp holiday with Prestige Bootcamps, our expert trainers will challenge you with strength and fitness conditioning, low and high-intensity circuits, team games and so much more. This variety will keep you interested, motivated and provide you with a workout that targets every area of your body.

Travel to somewhere new

Sometimes, it's good to get away from London's fast-paced nature, take some time away and reflect. There's no better way to do this by going abroad, but this doesn't mean your workout routine needs to suffer.

How does being put up in a luxury villa with delicious, nutritious food served up by our team of chefs sound? With our special boot camps in the idyllic locations of Marbella and Lagos, you will be challenged by fat-busting, strength and fitness building workouts during the day, and then you can come back and relax by the pool or on your private balcony.

You won't have this combination of luxury and expert guidance in a typical London setting.

More space to do outdoor exercises

The streets of London can be full of tourists and people rushing to get to work - this can make your morning jog or bike ride stressful and even hazardous.

With a boot camp holiday, you will have access to acres of green grass or miles of golden sand to allow you to do what you love.

Hike around the rolling hills of the Welsh Tanat Valley or get your sweat on in the shadow of a Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in Devon.

Our boot camps are peaceful and secluded, allowing you to concentrate fully on achieving your weight-loss goals. So why not contact Prestige Bootcamps today to find out how we can help build a stronger, fitter, healthier you.