Workout of the month!

10 July 2019

Stuck in the house, but still want to get yourself warmed up with a good old workout? Prestige Bootcamps are here to help!

Our home fitness exercise of the month is...

A handy 15 minute cardio regime! We understand that in the run up to Christmas you want to save as much time as possible for preparing for the big day; this workout can easily slot into your routine.

First things first

Warming up before exercise is essential, as it prevents injury. Warming up increases your blood flow to whichever muscle you’re putting to use, which also improves performance.  Here’s a quick warm up routine that will only take 5 minutes or so out of your time:

  1. Walk on the spot for three minutes.
  2. Heel Digs (target between 50 and 60 in a minute).  Heel digs involve placing alternative heels, with your toes pointing upwards, to the front of you, whilst punching with each heel dig. Slightly bend your supporting leg.
  3. Knee lifts (target 20-30 in 30 seconds). Lift each knee up to the opposite hand, while keeping a straight back and tight abs. Bend your supporting leg for this one, too.
  4. Shoulder rolls (two sets of 10 repetitions). Walk on the spot and roll your shoulders forwards five times and backwards five times, while hanging your arms loose by your sides.
  5. Knee bends (10 repetitions). With your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands stretched out, bend your knees so that you drop down approximately 10cm; go back up and repeat 10 times.

Ready to go?

Here is the actual workout routine! If you have a skipping rope, you can replace any of the steps below with a 60-second burst of skipping.

  1. Rocket Jumps (two sets of 15 to 24 repetitions). With your feet hip-width apart, bend your legs and place your hands on your thihgs. Next, jump and extend your body while lifting your hands above in the air. Be careful when you land, and repeat!
  2. Star Jumps or Squats (two sets of 15 to 24 repetitions). Slightly bend your knees and jump up with your legs and arms extended (so you look like a star!). Land carefully with your legs together and hands by your side.
  3. Tap Backs(Two sets of 15 to 24 repetitions). Step backwards with your right leg and swing both of your arms forwards. Do the same with your left leg and keep alternating in a smooth motion.
  4. Burpees (Two sets of 15 to 24 repetitions). One Burpee comprises of the following:
  • Start by standing upright.
  • Drop down and place your hands on the floor.
  • Kick your feet backwards so that you end up in a position similar to that of a push-up.
  • Lift your feet back into a squat position.
  • Jump up swiftly with your arms above your head.
  • Repeat.

For recovery between each step, walk or job on the spot for 15-45 seconds.

How easy was that? Perfect for waking you up on a groggy winter’s day.  Not satisfied? Check out our variety of Bootcamps here! From a weekend to a full week, from London to Spain, there’s bound to be one perfectly suited for you.