The Prestige Boot Camp philosphy is based on clean, healthy, unprocessed and nutritionally balanced food.

  • Freshly prepared by top chefs
  • Weight loss or fitness menu options
  • 3 meals to fuel the body
  • Energising snacks
  • Incredible results

Sample menu

Train dirty. Eat clean.

All the menus and recipes we provide are made up of exquisite restaurant quality food, designed and developed by our top chefs to combine the perfect healthy balance.

The ‘perfectly balanced diet’ is drawn from over 10+ years research at The Institute of Optimum Nurition in London. The recipes are created from feedback of the foods and flavours you all love the most, along with a scientific approach to portion control.  

The result is real, tasty, seasonal meals made with the freshest produce that you want to enjoy everyday and all designed to ensure weight loss or increased muscle, depending on your goals. By following our specialised menu plans significant changes will also take place internally. These include; correction of sugar cravings, increased energy levels, clearer complexion, sparkling eyes and a lift in mood and vitality.

Prestige Boot Camp is all about permanent life changes. During the boot camp retreats our team of top trainers and chefs will also offer education on correct nutrition; how to plan and adopt healthy eating habits; cooking healthy simple meals and tips to continue on when you leave.