Celebrity Fans

Sam Fox - Singer

I went to Prestige Boot Camp as a confidence boost before going on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! I wanted a nice flat tummy and a pert bottom before going in the jungle and the boot camp gave me just that! I loved putting in the hard work and I dropped 7 pounds and 7 inches and left feeling more energised, more confident, and definitely more empowered. It was great fun and I also found mixing with new people invaluable. 

Callum Best - Model/TV Personality

The boot camp in Marbella was stunning. I was impressed with the 5 star luxury accommodation and the team looked after me exceptionally well! The trainers were awesome and the food was really good. I was pushed hard but the results were well worth it. I impoved my fitness and dropped body fat.

Rumer - Singer/Songwriter

I came to Prestige Bootcamp with adrenal fatigue and suffering from extreme stress. I was trying to deal with drug induced weight gain that was prescribed to me for a mental breakdown caused by stress and mental illness. When I arrived I was a shadow of myself. What I really appreciated about the Prestige team was how nicely they treated me and others. While their camp is tough, they allowed me to work at my own pace, enabling me with the confidence to push myself as far as I could and get the most out of the experience. The truth is Prestige Boot Camp saved my life as I was at a point where my physical and mental health was spiraling downwards. Prestige Boot Camp gave me the kiss of life. I will always be grateful to them for the rest of my life!


Chloe Madeley - TV Presenter

After I stopped smoking I turned to junk food and put on half a stone in just four months. A week at bootcamp seemed the perfect solution! The average weekly weight loss is 8lb - which more than half of my group achieved. A few lost a lot more. Alongside the pain, hunger and sheer exhaustion, I laughed louder than I have done in months, learned a lot about my body and met some fantastic women. And I lost 6lb and 7½in and am down to a size eight.


Chantelle Houghton - Glamour Model/TV Personality

I have been to Prestige Boot Camp in Devon twice to help shift my mummy tummy! Although boot camp is tough at times the results are worth it! I am now the smallest I have been since I had Dolly. My tummy muscles were killing from all the training, but it feels good that I have done it the right way and not gone on a fad diet or had surgery. I am pleased with my new toned tummy, I'm never going to be a stick think size 8, but I feel confident, happy and like me again!


Derek Warwick - Ex Forumla 1 Driver & President of British Racing Drivers Club

I was worried about 28 people in the Camp, but there was no need for two reasons. 1) The group were just amazing, inspirational & fun. 2) The trainers knew perfectly what our individual needs were & split us up into three groups all the time. My personal results were just amazing & I thank everyone in the Camp because they all played a part. Staff R, W, T, Joe & Chef were inspirational, they knew the ones to push, they knew when it was time for some to rest & they focus on having FUN at the same time. I don't think 5 STARS are enough.... thank you!


Darren Bennett & Lilia Kopylova - Strictly Come Dancing & Former British Latin Champions

We have been to the Marbella boot camp together as a couple and seperately. We always have great fun and Prestige Boot Camp helps our fitness and stamina. We leave feeling great and it helps us stay in shape for our busy life touring and on stage. 


Brooke Kinsella MBE - Actress & Anti Knife Campaigner

I had been to Boot Camps before so knew what I was letting myself in for and brought my sister along for moral support, who had no idea what to expect.  I can honestly say Prestige is the best boot camp I have ever been to.   My week there was full of laughter, learning and of course fitness, which was made enjoyable no matter the time or the weather.  The staff were motivational and supportive and if you’re expecting scary military men you will be disappointed.  These guys are at the top of their game but never make you feel weak or unfit.  They encourage you every step of the way and are there for you if you ever feel like giving up.  From the amazing chef to the lovely manager, everyone at Prestige is there to make you feel welcome and help you on your way to a new lifestyle.  I lost 6 pounds in a week as did my sister and it kick-started a healthy regime for us both – we sailed to the top of that mountain in Peru thanks to Prestige!!!